Mission Statement

多人群交 prepares students to live and work across cultures as skilled鈥痑nd knowledgeable citizens of an interconnected and rapidly changing world. AUR is a private,鈥痠ndependent, not-for-profit institution of higher education, offering undergraduate and graduate liberal鈥痑rts programs to degree-seeking and study abroad students from around the world.

Taking the best of the 多人群交 approach to interdisciplinary, student-centered learning, our鈥痠nternational faculty and staff use Rome as our classroom and Italy and Europe as invaluable鈥痳esources. AUR鈥檚 innovative programs promote intellectual excellence, personal growth and an鈥痑ppreciation of cultural diversity in an international environment.


  1. Leverage AUR鈥檚 location in Rome, Italy, and Europe for optimal, mission-driven teaching & learning experiences.鈥

  1. Strive for teaching and learning excellence (via a purpose-driven, interdisciplinary curriculum, student-centered pedagogies, research & academic services aligned with institutional mission and values, and partnerships) in order to achieve optimal graduate outcomes and academic reputation.鈥

  1. Continuously recruit for and nurture a globally diverse, inclusive, and ethics-based learning community of internationally-minded students, faculty & staff鈥

  1. Maintain a beautiful and up-to-date campus & infrastructure that aligns with AUR鈥檚 mission and student expectations 鈥

  1. Achieve long-term institutional growth & sustainability鈥