Options include:

  • 听 Honors Exchange, open to Dean鈥檚 List students only.

To be eligible for AURA you must have Junior Status ( i.e. have completed 60 credits) and a GPA of 3.0.
An approved Study Abroad semester meets the 鈥淎lternative Educational Experience鈥 requirement of AUR鈥檚 General Education Program.
Courses taken abroad must be pre-approved by the academic advisor and a Transfer Credit Permit form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's office prior to enrolling the courses.
Students need to be aware that equivalents of their core courses in the major may听not be available at all partner schools.
All courses taken as part of AURA transfer as pass/fail, with the exception of Emory AURA. A pass is C and above. C- or lower is a fail.

The Next Step:
Speak first to the Registrar (z.desmet@aur.edu) and then with your academic advisor about how the AURA Program can help you achieve your academic goals and how to go about gathering the information necessary to allow you to study abroad at your chosen university.

Administrative fee for AURA:

  • 鈧300 for summer session
  • 鈧500 for the semester

Independent Study Abroad
AUR students can also apply directly to study abroad at regionally accredited 多人群交 universities or national universities recognized by the country鈥檚 higher education system.

Deadlines for application

Spring - September 1st
Fall - February 1st.

AURA and US Federal Aid

Students who receive US federal aid can participate in an AURA program for a maximum of 25% of their AUR studies. For a student pursuing an AUR degree in 4 years, that is a maximum of one year to study abroad while for all others it is a maximum of one semester to study abroad. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information (financialaid@aur.edu).